P2S RUGBYWORKS are pleased to welcome another high profile ambassador to our team to help us spread the word, grow the game and inspire our marginalised youngsters.

Cobie-Jane Morgan joins us from her Brisbane base after a glowing endorsement from Wallaroos Head Coach & P2S RUGBYWORKS Coaching Ambassador Dwayne Nestor.

We asked Cobie-Jane to tell us a bit about herself and her motivation for joining our team:


Who I am-

Plumber by trade, teacher by day.

Have recently changed careers and made the move from Sydney to Brisbane and fortunate enough to then be selected into the Qld Super W squad.

Played for the Wallaroos since 2009 as my first debut in Samoa was a qualifier for the 2010 World Cup.

Very passionate about helping others in all facets of life and hoping to inspire many young Australian kids to be the best version of themselves.


Age- 29

Location- Brisbane

Motivation- Everyday the sun rises and it’s a new opportunity to be a better version of yesterday. I am inspired by many strong women who have impacted my life not just in sport but life in general. I have been surrounded by independent strong wahine (women) who have culturally, emotionally & physically shaped me to be the woman I am today & I hope I can pass that legacy on to the future generation.

Rugby & any form of training or physically activity  is my outlet & if I can impact one youngster positively in this form I know I’ve succeeded.