Teleisia Tatafu

Teleisia Tatafu

Community Engagement Lead

Hello All, my name is Teleisia Tatafu and I am a crazy but passionate Rugby Mum! Besides rugby however, I have a love for seeing kids achieve, learn and strive to do their best. How and why I joined P2S RugbyWorks? Here is my story:

I was born in Tonga and migrated to Australia at the age of 6. I am the 4th child of 6 kids. Living in a new country with a new language was very scary and challenging but over 40 years later, I now consider myself a true Aussie girl and speaking fluent English (I think)!

It wasn’t just at rugby though, I found myself helping my own kid’s friends who struggled at school or at home and even helped with their school work. The kids who came to our house always knew they would be fed well and that I made sure of. I often heard from my kids that their friends referred to me as a ‘cool mum’ and hearing that was rewarding enough. A lot of the kids I’ve helped I still keep in touch with and I now and then check in on them just to make sure they’re doing okay and that they are eating!

When I saw a Facebook post from P2S RugbyWorks and they had signed up Marcel Brache as their Ambassador, I quickly went into their website to read up on what the charity was all about. As soon as I read ‘help us break the cycle’ and the message behind it, I contacted P2S RugbyWorks asking if I could sign up. I can’t thank Fraser Griggs and Duncan Middlemass enough for agreeing to take on this crazy rugby mum on board. I am really enjoying my time with this amazing charity and as long as I have things to offer the charity and  to the kids in the rugbyworks program, I’m here to stay. I believe in what P2S RugbyWorks are trying to achieve and I am confident that ‘breaking the cycle’ is possible. I have met some of the kids at the various Alta-1 centres or at schools/colleges and upon hearing of their difficult times and what they want to do when they finish school, one cannot help but be motivated to assist them in any way to achieve their goals. So here I am!