Based in Northbridge, Perth - P2S RUGBYWORKS is staffed entirely by a team of passionate volunteers, working tirelessly to support marginalised, disengaged and ‘at risk’ youngsters across Western Australia. We currently have 15 staff working across a range of activities from relationship building, coaching, mentoring, fundraising, public relations and governance.

We are constantly looking for well suited, motivated people to join us to help us grow and deliver our RUGBYWORKS program to the youngsters of WA.

P2S RUGBYWORKS is a progressive long-term employability programme to help young people develop life values and promote social inclusion.

The young people excluded from mainstream education often come from disrupted homes and commonly experience a range of severe risk factors; drinking, drugs, mental health issues, domestic violence and family breakdown. Often leaving them with feelings of isolation and desperation.
There is a low expectation of, or accountability for, the future of these young people, consequently we believe there is a need to work with these young people to transform their attitude, behavior and aspirations.

The long-term nature of the RUGBYWORKS programme makes it the ideal support programme to provide an environment in which our young people can develop and flourish to reach their full potential.

As part of their corporate responsibility, our partners can further diversify their workforces by looking to develop and engage with this new demographic.


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P2S RUGBYWORKS is looking to focus on three areas of the community:

We want to work with ‘at risk’ young people, who have been identified by schools as having behavioural difficulties and are therefore at risk of being excluded from mainstream education.

We want to work with young people that have been marginalized from mainstream education and are currently seeking alternative education opportunities. Alternative care providers such as Alta-1 Colleges have expressed a keen interest in our programme being run to supplement their own curriculum.

P2S RUGBYWORKS is keen to work collaboratively with WA Police and Youth Justice Services to deliver our programme to Young People who have fallen foul of the law and need support to reintegrate into the community on a law abiding basis.


A small group of twelve Year Nine (girls and boys) and ten Year Ten (boys) students had the opportunity to test drive and pilot the P2S RUGBYWORKS program at Mercy College. The students had the opportunity to build trust and maintain relationships through the medium of rugby. They developed their soft employability skills (problem solving, communication, teamwork and critical thinking). Students were able to learn from their mistakes and resolve problems with others in the team. Pathway to Success (P2S) RUGBYWORKS promotes resilience. It is about helping your people to become aware of the impact of their behaviour on others and to build their commitment to personal accountability and responsibility. Thank you to Fraser Griggs for allowing us the opportunity to see how the program works over a four week block of time. The feedback from the students was very positive as they engaged with the coaches. The students had the opportunity to work with Bob, Duncan, Tel and Alan. We have decided to incorporate the program into our 2019 Year 10 Vocational Education Training classes.

Jennie Jago

Assistant Principal, Mercy College, Mirrabooka
Young people are becoming increasingly disengaged with our communities. This is causing an undeniable rise in mental health issues, unemployment and a myriad of other significant negative impacts on our society. It is obvious that young people today are crying out for face to face connections with real humans; that solely have the agenda to want to see them thrive. I have recently been introduced to Fraser Griggs from Point 2 Point Solutions who is connected with the UK’s Dallaglio Foundation and he is wanting to ‘kick off’ a program here in Western Australia called P2S Rugbyworks. Fraser explained to me, that his mission is to create a program that sees young people thrive through team-work, sportsmanship and a relationship with mentors. I love that the focus isn’t the Rugby, it’s the young people. I am a teacher with 7 years of experience in Australia’s largest and most recently successful care school, Alta-1 College. I have a great need for programs like P2S Rugbyworks in my school, as we are always in desperate need of linking students in with mentors and with the wider community. I can foresee this program being a great success amongst my students as it aims to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience in them through relationship. I would love to see this program rolled out across high-schools throughout Western Australia as it will meet a huge need that can be found in many of our young people.




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